Group Members


Trevor Dale FRAeS

Human Factors specialist, former British Airways Training Captain with extensive background training in health and social care and other high risk, high reliability professions. He has participated in a number of academic research projects resulting in published papers concerning the efficacy of training individuals and teams to avoid, trap and mitigate errors and threats to safe practice. He has a particular passion to help health and social care teams adopt safer working practice and actually learn from error and failure.

Chris Mills

Chris has worked as a child protection manager, a social work academic and as a policy adviser in child protection for a leading UK charity. He holds an MBA degree and in recent years has been involved in business education. He is an associate teaching fellow of one of the UK's leading business schools. Chris has a long standing interest in applying human factors approaches to child protection. He has published a variety of articles and research reports on child protection themes including, as long ago as 1990, an article in the British Journal of Social Work which was the first to recommend Critical Incident Reporting as an approach to learning from error in child protection.

Chris has Child Protection Blog and it can viewed it here Visit Chris Mills Blog

Dr Kim Holt

Dr Holt is a consultant paediatrician based in Haringey North London . Currently she is the Designated doctor for Children in Care and lead paediatrician for the Haringey community paediatric team. She came under fire in 2006/2007 when alongside her colleagues she raised concerns about systemic problems within the Haringey child protection paediatric team. Two colleagues resigned & she became more isolated and suffered increasing isolation to the point of becoming unwell in 2007. The department in which she worked was seriously and chronically understaffed, there was a blame culture & hostility to raising concerns. It took Kim over four years to negotiate her way back into post and she is now supported by the current team at Whittington Health. Since 2009 she has campaigned for openness & transparency in the NHS- has given evidence to the Health Select Committee on whistleblowing, and has challenged the regulators and the Dept of Health regarding their lack of support for staff speaking up. She campaigns for a Public Inquiry into whistleblowing historic cases so that we can learn from past mistakes and has written calling for a truth & reconciliation commission to help resolve the distress that so many feel at injustices regards their treatment & situation. She founded Patients First campaign in Dec 2011. Her passion is to bring an end to bullying within health services because it has such a corrosive impact upon the culture.

Penny Bowen

Human Factors Educator, former Virgin Atlantic airline pilot and technical trainer, qualified facilitator. Penny's passion for safety and Human Factors Training led her to complete a degree in psychology. She is an active campaigner for better outcomes for vulnerable children and young people and advocates a Just Culture and training not blaming for all high reliability industries.

Harry Harrison

Harry is a child protection worker, manager, consultant and trainer.  Experience includes multi-disciplinary local management of services, multi-agency strategic development and implementation of programs like SureStart.  His team won a national innovation award for a multi-agency parenting support system.  Harry develops training programs for Safeguarding Children Boards and works with private and public sector service providers. He advocates relationship based practice, family group conferencing and systematic workforce training in human factors.  Harry has developed confidential, practitioner, near-miss child protection reporting systems and looks forward to implementing them.

Pat Cooper

Retired children's social work senior practitioner and practice teacher.