• Learn from other safety critical industries

    The kinds of mistakes that happen in child protection are very similar to those that occur in other safety critical fields
  • Developing a Responsive Safety Culture

    Learning from error to avoid a culture of anxiety and fear within services
  • Support and respect those who raise safety concerns

    Professionals are often well placed to see the risks, but too often they are silenced
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We are pleased to be featured in Professional Social Work Magazine recently in a joint article by Trevor Dale (Atrainability) and Chris Mills (Child Protection) on minimising risks within social work and how to create a safety culture within Social Work.

Atrainability are delighted to be helping the SaferSafeGuarding Group bring the understanding of Human Factors to the attention of Social Care.

The acceptance and understanding of Human Factors is a vital aspect of Social Care training that is, we believe, sadly lacking.

Read the full article here : Read article This article first appeared in Professional Social Work (July/Aug 17) - The magazine of the British Association of Social Workers www.basw.co.uk

Safer Safeguarding Group response to consultation on mandatory reporting



The Safer Safeguarding Group - who we are what we have to offer

The Safer Safeguarding Group was formed in 2014. It comprises professionals from a variety of backgrounds: social work, social care management, medicine and civil aviation.  Those contributing to this briefing include two former airline pilots who are human factors specialists, three people with extensive experience of child protection social work and child protection management and a consultant paediatrician who has been instrumental in raising concerns about unsafe system issues in child protection services. 

As a group we can offer advice and consultancy to local authorities and other organisations that want to begin the journey towards becoming responsive safety cultures. We would be happy to work with LSCBs or other co-ordinating groups to identify ways forward. 

We are keen to work with organisations that would like to develop Near Miss Reporting systems, which we believe to be a low cost way of generating vital information about when, how and why errors and failings occur.

One of our group members, Chris Mills has Child Protection Blog and it can be viewed here Visit Chris Mills Blog